The new information was not released by Roger Stone, but it makes liberals who claim it’s a conspiracy theory look like the liars.


When Roger Stone’s home in Florida was raided by gestapo-like FBI agents in full battle gear, the timing of CNN’s reporters being on hand seemed suspicious.

The early morning storming looked more like an operation against a drug warlord that the arrest of an elderly man who was NOT charged with any violent crimes.

Since the arrest, democrat lawmakers and other media personalities have claimed that there was no evidence of CNN being tipped off by the FBI.

One of their ‘producers,’ who lived hundreds of miles away, just happened to use his ‘journalistic instinct’ to fly to Florida and wait by Stone’s house in the pre-dawn hours in the hopes that ‘something’ might go down.

Many liberals can’t even bring themselves to believe that.

However, video footage released of Roger Stone’s home illuminates the incident.

In videos not released by Stone, it appears that FBI agents are seen giving directions to CNN reporters before the arrest.

Matt Whitaker, in testimony before the House today, called the timing of the incident suspicious, which prompted CNN correspondent Evan Perez to accuse Whitaker of “trying to give oxygen to a conspiracy.”

However, it looks like more than oxygen was given… more like a defibrillator.

“Despite the road leading to Stone’s home being closed off at both ends, a CNN camera crew and reporters were allowed inside the bubble to catch events live as they unfolded.

“According to Stone, his neighbors who were out walking their dogs were told to go inside, but CNN was allowed to stay.”

David Shortell, the man on the scene admitted that he was “waiting” outside Roger Stone’s house at 5am, an hour before FBI agents and police arrived.

It has been suggested that the footage was possibly leaked by someone inside the House or Senate intelligence committee.

But regardless of how the video was released, it does seem to make CNN out to be liars, yet again. And, they seem to have plenty of help in making Roger Stone a villain.

Apple just released all of his private information to Mueller, but refused to do the same for the terrorists who gunned down co-workers at a Christmas party.

Many people wonder if liberals deliberately make the most outrageous falsehoods just to see what they can get away with without being questioned. And, then if they are questioned, immediately claim conspiracy.

Many people believe that is exactly what happened here.