Source: Kyle Becker

On Wednesday night, surprisingly not-fired CNN host Chris Cuomo passed along some idiotic DHS “chatter” that is obviously meant to deflect from the Biden administration’s cataclysmic failure in Afghanistan. The segment speaks for itself. Roll it.

“There are new concerns at home after the Taliban’s takeover,” Cuomo said, breathlessly. “At home, Homeland Security is picking up chatter on online platforms, but it’s not what you might expect. The Taliban or other groups abroad issuing new threats — that’s what you would expect, right? This chatter is coming from here.”

“And there’s another twist,” he continued. “This is not about Islamist extremists, sleeper cells. It’s about homegrown white supremacists and other violent extremist groups here, who are looking to be more like the Taliban.”

“The authorities say that what they’re hearing are these guys celebrating the Taliban success, and saying it’s a model for those who believe in the need for a Civil War in the United States,” Cuomo claimed. “And then there’s this weird paradox. So on the one hand, they’re celebrating the Taliban and say, ‘We want to be like them.’ Then on the other hand, there’s this chatter that echoes a lot of what we’re hearing from some in the Freedom Caucus in Congress, that arriving Afghan refugees could be criminals.” Advertisements

“And the racist groups here take it further, saying they would degrade the control and authority of the white race,” CNN continued. “A homeland official says this is all ‘troubling,’ because it ‘May incite violent activities directed at immigrant communities.’ One more reason that no comfort or qualification can be given to this kind of talk, or these groups. There are not good people on both sides. Now, our focus is not what may happen in America in the future. It’s on what is happening right now to those Americans left behind in Afghanistan.”

Americans are sick of this Orwellian propaganda. White supremacy groups are the ‘fringe of the fringe.’ They are not a serious threat to anyone. If they break the law, arrest them. But no one should lose sleep over this purported ‘threat.’