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In the past couple of weeks, CNN and MSNBC have shown multiple double standards by peddling misinformation about Texas’s congressional redistricting plan to accuse Republicans of cutting minority representation in the state while ignoring aggressive gerrymandering by Illinois Democrats. It was even wrongly suggested that Republicans would prevent any black members of Congress from being elected in Texas.

Additionally, the liberal networks — each of which only has one Hispanic host anchoring on weekdays (and until recently had zero) — pushed for racial quotas to guarantee more representation for Latinos and even understated the number of minority-majority districts.

Contrary to reports that Texas Republicans hoarded both of the state’s new congressional districts, the GOP legislature handed one new seat to Democrats by drawing the 37th district in the Austin area where Joe Biden received 75.2 percent (according to data recently released by the Texas Tribune).

CNN’s Ed Lavandera, jumping to the conclusion that white voters equal Republicans, claimed both districts would likely elect Republicans while coverage did not acknowledge Democrats would get a new seat, sometimes emphasizing the total number of white-majority districts.

And without informing viewers that the GOP increased the number of minority-majority districts (based on eligible voters) from 14 to 15, both networks seized on the solidly Democratic 35th district having its Hispanic percentage trimmed from 53 to 48 percent to claim that a Hispanic district had been eliminated. 

In total, in 10 districts (or 26 percent) Hispanics would be the most numerous group, although only a majority in seven. In five other districts, a majority would be nonwhite without any particular group holding a majority.

It is noteworthy that, while CNN cited U.S. Census reports that 39.3 percent of Texas residents are Hispanic, CNN’s exit polling found that, on Election Day 2020, only 23 percent of voters in the state were Hispanic.

Additionally, it was hinted at that the number of black members of Congress was being cut from one to zero because the 30th district’s black percentage is being trimmed a mere three points from 52 to 49 percent. It was not mentioned that there are currently five black members of Congress from Texas, three of whom represent districts in which blacks make up the largest demographic group (of eligible voters), and all five will still be in safe districts where they will likely be reelected.

MSNBC hosts Joy Reid and Rachel Maddow even claimed that the district was being “eliminated,” and, earlier this week, Nicolle Wallace was using the issue to promote an effort by NAACP president Derrick Johnson to get black athletes to boycott the state.

In contrast with their hyperventilating over Texas redistricting, after news broke on Friday that Illinois Republican Adam Kinzinger would retire — as he reacted to the release of Democratic-drawn maps that put him into a difficult district — the issue of Illinois Democrats gerrymandering was mostly downplayed as anchors kept trying to focus their attention on the antagonism between Kinzinger and former President Donald Trump.

Anchors showed no interest in talking about Illinois Democrats trying to cut Republicans down to just three out of 17 districts, or the fact that Illinois would have only one Hispanic majority district while 18 percent of Illinois residents are Hispanic.

On MSNBC, this smear of Republicans was paid for in part by Progressive, and on CNN, by Liberty Mutual. Their contact information is linked.

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