News network sugar coats mostly peaceful militants.

Source: Paul Joseph Watson

CNN reporter Clarissa Ward faced ridicule after she said that armed Taliban militants who were filmed chanting “death to America” also “seemed friendly at the same time.”

Yes, really.

Ward made the bizarre statement to camera while dressed in full black Islamic clothing after the U.S. Embassy in Kabul was abandoned.

The militants are seen chanting “Allahu Akbar” (God is great), before they begin a familiar rendition of “death to America.”

“They’re just chanting ‘death to America’ but they seem friendly at the same time. It’s utterly bizarre,” said Ward, who is CNN’s Chief International Correspondent.

Ward thought the Taliban militants were “friendly” despite the fact that they subsequently ordered her to stand out of the way “because I’m a woman.”

“Is there an enemy of America for whom @CNN WON’T cheerlead?” asked Senator Ted Cruz.

Twitter respondents also called out Ward for her stupidity.

What’s next? is CNN going to describe the Taliban’s violent takeover of the country as “fiery but mostly peaceful”?

At this point, nothing is surprising.