“You are one of the reasons people can’t stand the media,” says author Michael Wolff.

Source: Nworeport

CNN’s Brian Stelter was called out by his own guest on Sunday for constantly portraying the mainstream media as the arbiter of truth, facts, and morality.

During an appearance on “Reliable Sources,” author Michael Wolff gave his take on the declining news media landscape, noting that Stelter in particular is “full of sanctimony.”

“I think the media has done a terrible job on this. I think you yourself — you’re a nice guy, you know, you’re full of sanctimony. You become one of the parts of the problem of the media,” Wolff told Stelter.

“You come on here and you have a monopoly on truth, you know exactly how things are supposed to be done. You are why — one of the reasons — people can’t stand the media.”

Stelter laughed nervously and asked what he should do differently.

“Don’t talk so much, listen more,” Wolff responded.

“We just figure out what is real,” Stelter argued.

“Figuring out what is real is not so easy. And most people don’t want to turn to Brian Stelter to tell us what’s real. I’m sorry,” Wolff shot back.

Wolff and Stelter have gotten into this kind of spat before.

In 2017, Wolff told Stelter he was a “ridiculous figure” for constantly defending the mainstream media.

“I mean this with truly no disrespect, but I think you can border on being sort of quite a ridiculous figure,” Wolff had told him. “It’s not a good look to repeatedly and self-righteously defend your own self-interest. The media should not be the story. Every week in this religious sense you make it the story. We are not the story.”

Wolff, known for his anti-Trump books “Fire and Fury” and “Siege”, just released another book called “Landslide,” describing his account of President Trump’s final months in office.