CNN panics when Trump sex accuser says 'rape' is 'sexy' - WND

Source: Tim Graham

CNN dramatically demonstrated their double standard on when social distancing isn’t necessary — left-wing protests are somehow less objectionable or dangerous. On Friday afternoon, anchor Anderson Cooper turned to Dr. Rob Davidson, “an emergency room physician” and “executive director of the Committee to Protect Medicare.” He did not describe him as a losing Democrat candidate for Congress in 2018.

Cooper gently noted the Sharpton march in Washington was a massive gathering with no social distancing. “Doctor, I’m wondering what you thought of the scene at the White House where there weren’t many masks. Let’s also point out the protests today. A lot of people wearing masks, not social distancing, though. Obviously not what it should be.” The Democrat insisted that “systemic racism” justified the lack of corona-caution: 

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