22.5 years in prison not good enough for the mainstream media analyst

Source: nworeport

CNN commentator Van Jones told viewers the 22.5-year sentence handed down to former police officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd was not good enough.

Reacting to the Minnesota judge’s decision on Friday, CNN legal analyst Elie Honig said, “I think this is light. I think the judge should’ve sentenced him more.”

Van Jones responded, saying, “Very disappointing. Fifteen years. I know people doing 15 years for nothing. For victimless crimes of drug possession. What this man did, it should’ve been the maximum of the maximum.”

“I don’t think it’s going to cause outrage,” he admitted. “But it’s a punch in the gut. This guy’s life was worth more than 15 years — it was. And what that officer did is worth more than 15 years. And law enforcement across the country should look at something like this and say, look, you can’t do this type of stuff, you’re never going to come back home.”

After Honig noted the federal government still has two indictments against Chauvin pending, Jones suggested they should tack on more time to his sentence.

“The feds can come in and do more and they should do more because this is not justice,” Jones said.

Joe Biden differed from Jones, saying Chauvin’s sentencing “seems to be appropriate.”

The maximum possible sentence for Chauvin was 40 years.

For those wondering if the feds indicting Chauvin on top of state charges would be an example of double jeopardy, it turns out that under the dual sovereignty doctrine the state and the federal government are permitted to charge a person for the same crime, as long as the crime violated both state and federal laws.

With people like Van Jones telling Americans the judge’s ruling wasn’t good enough, can we expect to see more George Floyd riots in the next few days?