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(Natural News) An ancient, advanced civilization that existed before the Biblical account of Adam was wiped out by a comet strike around 12,800 years ago. This Younger Dryas era strike impacted the ice sheet of present-day North America, causing the Great Flood, a global deluge of flooding and ocean level rise that buried land masses, islands, and coastal cities under hundreds of feet of water.

The impact ejected unimaginable quantities of water vapor and particulate matter into the stratosphere, blocking the sun and causing a planetary die-off of plants, animals, and humans, bringing an end to many species and the advanced human civilization that existed at the time. Ancient megaliths — large monuments built by previous civilizations — recorded the timing of these events through their alignment with constellations. This alignment is datable due to the 26,000-year precession (wobble) in Earth’s rotational axis. It allows archaeoastronomists — experts in archaeology and astronomy — to identify the construction dates of these ancient artifacts.

They show that advanced human civilization — complete with architectural knowledge, astronomy, mathematics, language, culture, agriculture, and more — existed over 12,000 years ago, long before modern (mainstream) archeologists admit humans possessed such knowledge.

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