James Comey Approved New FBI TV Show From Dick Wolf | Time


“Useful idiot” is a pretty self-explanatory term the Kremlin has long used to describe expendable assets that they develop and deploy but never respect.

It is also a pretty applicable phrase to sum up the current President of the United States, at least according to Showtime’s excellent and deeply unsettling The Comey Rule which airs September 27-28.

The fact is, coming after years of convoluted and compromised probes like the Mueller Report and a failed impeachment, the Jeff Daniels- and Brendan Gleeson-led The Comey Rule may prove the most important drama in a year that clearly has had no shortage of drama.

With a strong bench that includes Holly Hunter, Scoot McNairy and the consistently on point Michael Kelly, The Comey Rule vividly depicts an administration lurching towards lawlessness even before Donald Trump took office and investigations into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election burgeoned.

Based in part on the pink slipped ex-FBI director James Comey’s memoir A Higher Loyalty, the two-parter does jump around a lot in time and political space. To that end, policy wonks and partisans may find their favorite tidbit of the far-reaching bureaucratic battle left out. I get that reaction, but I also say get over it. This is Showtime, not C-SPAN.

Similar to the state of the union the past several years, it has been a turbulent ride for the series written and directed by Billy Ray. At one point, The Comey Rule was pushed to the post-election scheduling graveyard. Pushback from Ray and others saw Showtime parent ViacomCBS change its mind and set the late September dates for the small-screen showdown between the Daniels-portrayed Comey and Trump. READ MORE: