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In response to President Joe Biden’s call to name a single “objective” he has pursued but failed to achieve, the GOP has flooded the online sphere with numerous examples highlighting the administration’s perceived shortcomings. The challenge was issued by Biden during the promotion of his “Inflation Reduction Act,” which critics argue does not actually address inflation. The GOP’s list of points encompasses a range of issues:

  1. Afghanistan withdrawal
  2. Opening schools in 2021
  3. Limited masking for only 100 days
  4. Vow to avoid vaccine mandates
  5. Immigration policies
  6. Inflation concerns
  7. The goal of uniting the country
  8. Pledge to find a cure for cancer
  9. Assistance for the middle class
  10. Resolution of student debt
  11. Conclusion of “forever wars”
  12. Promise to avoid fear and division
  13. Deficit reduction
  14. Debt reduction
  15. Non-politicization of the DOJ
  16. Assurance that those earning less than $400,000/year won’t face increased federal taxes.
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A report from Summit. news offered its commentary on the situation, characterizing Biden’s challenge as lacking in substance. The report humorously remarked that Biden alternated between angry outbursts and unsettling whispers, even attempting to attract children with promises of ice cream. The report noted Biden’s interaction with children, where he mentioned knowing great ice cream places and playfully mentioned that “daddy owes you.”