People freak out when they discover that computers and MRI can already read our minds.

Columbia University researchers just announced the ability of computers and MRI to read brain signals and convert them into clear spoken words.

There has been other work at Carnegie Mellon University where complex thoughts can be read of people who were placed for a few hours into fMRI (Functional magnetic resonance imaging machines).

This mind reading is even more worrisome when combined with the arrival of a super cheap and high-resolution red light sensor system from Open Water.

A cheap, wearable, high-resolution equivalent to MRI can be created using holograms that reform red light after it passes through the body.

Gigapixel Cameras Can Track All Human Physical Movement

High-resolution cameras were already used to record all movement over sections of Iraq, Afghanistan and parts of the USA. They were successfully used to find terrorist bomber and murderers.

A high-resolution camera is placed in a Cessna or a long duration drone. An area the size of a city is filmed so that one pixel is one person. The pixel-person is digitally highlighted and tracked by video gamers. All events are recorded.

When a murdered body is found or a bombing occurs. The constant recording is rewound and everyone who passed through that area is traced.

Complete physically tracking of individuals, cars, planes and ships and across entire countries or even the world has trivial cost.

This information can be combined with all of the financial, retail, medical and social media data.

China is already deploying the cameras and monitoring of financial, retail, medical and social media data for state control. This capability could be exported or copied.