Source: J. Robert Smith

If you haven’t seen the CDC map of Covid “Community Transmission in the US by County,” it’s practically all red, meaning transmission is at its highest level.  The U.S. is awash in Covid infections.  After nearly two years – and heaven knows how much money and resources spent and how much wreckage – Covid hasn’t been whipped, as laughable old Joe Biden vowed.  In fact, as viruses do, Covid is spawning variants.

The saving grace is that the omicron strain appears to be milder, signaling a wind-down.  Hospitalizations and deaths from omicron appear lower.

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Per the virology, viruses “shift” or “drift.” Drifted viruses change gradually, allowing your immune system to provide “cross-protection.” Shifted viruses – Covid – represent an “abrupt, major change” and can trigger epidemics or pandemics.  Viruses typically drift, because killing off hosts isn’t much of a survival strategy.  Nature, not man, is resolving the contagion, as was the case with the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918-19.  For sensible people, that should be a sobering realization.  

Yet, sensibleness isn’t so common.  The critical question is: Will enough of us draw the right lessons from the pandemic or are we doomed to repeat our mistakes again and again?  And not just mistakes in the public health sphere.