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While most Americans who’ve been paying attention to what’s unfolding in America would probably agree with a statement made by Susan Duclos recently to me, that most politicians in America in 2021 don’t give a damn about the US Constitution, the rule of law, or the American people, one politician who clearly does can be heard loudly and clearly in the video we’ve embedded directly below, and Sheriff Clay Higgins doesn’t mince words.

With Sheriff Clay Higgins now Congressman Clay Higgins, proudly representing the 3rd Congressional District of Louisiana, check out this video in which Higgins calls out ‘the oppressors’ in Washington DC and lets it be known without a shadow of a doubt that Americans will NEVER back down to tyranny! 

A rallying cry against the overbearing government which thinks it can impose tyranny upon the people of America by using the un-Constitutional ‘federal vax mandate’ to force free people to put something into their bodies that they don’t want to, Clay implores America’s military, 1st responders, businesses, and others to stay strong and resist Biden’s mandates for the next year+, promising that they’ll be re-instated in the military and their positions, with back pay, once Republicans take back the House in January of 2023. And Sheriff Higgins insists they absolutely will do that.

Also sending out a loud and clear warning to ‘the oppressors’ that unconstitutional government oppression will never, ever be tolerated by the American people, some of the powerful quotes we’ve republished below from Higgins from that video hint of what is ahead and show why Americans will never back away from a fight. All of the comments below are made by Sheriff Higgins in the video.

“Ladies and gentlemen, the oppressor’s intent are for you to comply with their mandates and commands, but they don’t expect you to comply with their commands until the end of COVID, they expect you to comply with their commands until the end of time.”

“Let me be very clear to all you oppressors, you’ve drawn a line in the sand, be prepared to defend your position because some of us are free Americans and we would rather die on our feet than life on our knees.”

“If you want to get a vaccine, get it, if you don’t, don’t, that’s called freedom. Freedom is what’s at stake and some of us are prepared to carry that fight with every drop of our blood.”

“On January 3rd, 2023, Republicans will be sworn into the majority in this House behind us here, the Hallowed Halls of Congress shall once again be under the control of Republican conservatives. On that day, I and many of my colleagues will introduce legislation to reinstate my military brothers and sisters with full payback, into your rank, so stay hard, stay strong, stay in shape, we’re gonna get you back in your slot.”

“And to my business brothers and sisters out there, do not comply! Use article three, put your attorneys to work, stand your ground, you have about a year to make it and survive, you can do it. But stand for freedom and you’ll find yourself in the company of patriots, from sea to shine and sea.”

And looking a little bit like a much ‘meaner’ Raymond Reddington from ‘The Blacklist’ than we could have ever expected, America should thank God for people like Sheriff Clay Higgins who clearly has no fear in speaking truth to power. This important message from one of America’s truly courageous Congressmen and ‘Representatives of the American People’ in the video below before we continue:

With Higgins’ ‘message to the oppressors‘ coming soon after what some have called a red wave’ election sent shivers up Democrats collective spines, with Americans awakening to ‘woke’ and the tyrannical politics being pushed by the left, even the Associated Press called last Tuesday’s elections ‘a bad omen’ for Democrats.

With other stories from the MSM and the like pushing titles such as “Democrats See Worst Fears In Virginia” and “Crushing defeat in Virginia governor’s race stokes fears among Democrats, they all agreed on their conclusion: Republican victories paint a distressing picture for ‘Brandon’s party ahead of next year’s midterms.

And with the Washington Post reporting back in 2019 that Higgins was then warning about a ‘socialist plot’ to ‘overthrow then-President Donald Trump,’ with Higgins warnings way back then looking prophetic now, it’d be easy to argue that what has happened since then is pushing us more and more down a road towards despotism as more and more of the left’s mandates look just like tyranny.  

Yet like all tyrannies and wanna-be tyrannies throughout history, they need to ‘prey on the weak’ firstseeing why largely disarmed nations like Australia, New Zealand and the UK would be first on the globalists ‘hit list’ in comparison to the US, which has a well over 400 million guns, including over 393 million guns owned by private citizens, a wannabe-tyrants worst nightmare.

Yet we’d prefer to walk and practice the ‘peaceful path‘ and as we hear in the next video below from Mike Adams, the political bloodbath that happened this past Tuesday is a sign that Americans are awakening quickly. So while Higgins warns, ‘Americans would rather die on their feet than life on their knees’ as allegedly spoken by George Washington himself according to Francis Scott Key in this pdf document titled “The Writing Of The Star-Spangled Banner,” please join us in prayer that liberty, sanity and the ‘American Way‘ can be restored to America without ‘blood being spilled’ as Higgins warns may be ahead. 

george washington quote die on their feet

Yet while we’ll continue to pray for and work towards peace, with America now closer to being a dictatorship than a ‘Democratic-Republicaccording to this recent story over at Zero Hedge, who reading this story would rather live out the rest of their lives as ‘slaves to tyranny’ rather than as ‘free human beings?’ We’ll agree with you on that! 

And as this ZH story reports, none other than President Ronald Reagan warned that Americans might soon face something like we’re now facing. From this Zero Hedge story

Former President Ronald Reagan once famously said: “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

Notwithstanding the Cold War, Reagan’s words may have been considered somewhat hyperbolic at the time. Today, they are especially appropriate. 

While painting a dresser on Sunday, I listened to a replay of the previous night’s version of Fox News’ “Watters World.” When that video ended, an April 2015 speech from journalist Glenn Greenwald entitled “Edward Snowden and the Secrets of the National Security State” came on and covered with paint, I listened to it. 

Greenwald discussed the National Security Agency’s collection of billions of communications of ordinary, law-abiding U.S. citizens. He emphasized the point that, even then, six and a half years ago, America was closer to a totalitarian state than a democracy. Thinking about it, I realized he was right. 

And if Greenwald was right then, how much more do his remarks apply today? 

President Joe Biden has been in office a little over nine months and his administration’s actions have steered the country on a direct path toward authoritarianism. His regime thinks it’s okay to force Americans into choosing between taking a controversial vaccine or losing their livelihoods, to monitor our bank accounts for all transactions over $600, and to sic the FBI on parents who confront school boards about their children’s curricula. 

Needless to say, if the Trump Administration initiated any of those actions, he would have been impeached – again. 

American politics have always been messy. But the corruption that began in the Obama Administration has deepened and accelerated to a dangerous level.

With ‘dangerous levels’ in politics, something we’d expect to hear from many 3rd world nations all across the world rather than the United States of America as their dictators overseas run amok and heads are severed across their countries in the process, the American people should be fully prepared for anything and everything in the days ahead.