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Washington, D.C. – Congressman Josh Brecheen of Oklahoma issued a statement after speaking on the House floor and voting in favor of House Joint Resolution 27.

H.J.R 27 would overturn what a press release from Brecheen, provided to The City Sentinel newspaper in Oklahoma City, characterized as Biden’s “unconstitutional ‘water of the United States’ (WOTUS) rule.”

Congressman Brecheen’s floor remarks can be viewed here:

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The Republican House member from Coalgate, Oklahoma, said:

Article 1, Section I of the Constitution says that all legislative powers are to be vested in the Congress, not the President. The Biden Administration’s WOTUS rule is the perfect example of the administrative state running amok. This rule negatively impacts private property owners, small businesses, farmers, and ranchers in Oklahoma and across the country.”

“Regulatory costs are a hidden tax and are now expected to be at least $2 trillion, according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute. If you think of regulation as a tax, it would come out to more than $14,000 per family.

Brecheen concluded: “Congress has the authority and duty to rein in the regulatory state and that’s why we must overturn President Biden’s unconstitutional WOTUS rule.”