Posted BY: Thomas Klocek

Recently a number of politically motivated business strategies have prompted boycotts of various stores and products. The two most well-known have been Anheuser-Busch and Target. Some people are saying that these boycotts won’t last (despite the Anheuser-Busch effort going into its second month, with the company’s stock price falling over 20%), but it is important for them to be effective that they do last.

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By sticking with the boycotts, people are once more finding their voices. Mainstream voices have been squelched at the ballot boxes with information damaging to certain candidates being hidden at election time, the expansion of mail-in ballots without sufficient checks for accuracy and legitimacy, and many other dubious practices such as ballot harvesting and mass mailings of absentee ballots to voters whether they are requested or not, and even devious schemes such as the fake Russian collusion issue in 2016. Activist judges have also squelched the voices of the people by creating laws or changing laws contrary to their meaning or implementation, rather than ruling that legislation needs to address the issues under consideration. For example, Californians voted to ban same-sex marriage in its constitution (this ban is still in place), marriage has always been an individual state issue (see dissenting opinion), yet the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages in 2015.

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