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This news article discusses a new video released by Apple that promotes the company’s environmentally friendly initiatives but has faced criticism for a comment that could be interpreted as suggesting the elimination of humans and other carbon-based life forms.

The video features Apple executives confronted by a character representing “Mother Nature” regarding their green ideologies. In one segment, an executive mentions the goal of permanently removing carbon from the atmosphere, aligning with Apple’s previous commitment to achieving a zero carbon footprint.

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However, the criticism arises from the assertion that removing all carbon from the atmosphere would necessitate the elimination of humans, animals, and plant species. In a commentary, Mike Adams describes Apple CEO Tim Cook as an “eco-terrorist” and accuses the ad of advocating the “extermination of life on earth.”

Tim Cook defended the video by emphasizing Apple’s dedication to addressing climate change as a top priority and portraying “Mother Nature” as a symbol of the force of nature. The video serves as a reflection of Apple’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint.

In conclusion, Apple’s video promoting its green initiatives has sparked controversy due to concerns that its goal of removing carbon from the atmosphere could have dire consequences for all carbon-based life forms, including humans. This highlights the ongoing debate surrounding climate change and the drastic measures some believe are necessary to combat it.