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Alex Murdaugh‘s defense attorney Jim Griffin has slammed the leak of a jailhouse phone call between himself and the convicted double killer that occurred during his trial.

Griffin said he was ‘mad as hell’ after an audio recording of the call between himself and Murdaugh was released by the Hidden True Crime podcast in one of its episodes.

The podcast obtained the recording, which took place as Murdaugh was in Colleton County jail during his murder trial after the Colleton County Sheriff’s Office sent it to them in ‘error’.

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Following the episode, a social media user shared a clip of the call and questioned whether its release was a breach of client-attorney confidentiality.

Griffin, who is appealing Murdaugh’s life sentence for the murder of his wife Maggie, 52, and their son Paul, 22, confirmed the authenticity of the leaked call and said he was furious that it was released.

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