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Coronavirus By the Numbers – 83% of Affected Countries Have Mortality Rates Less than 1%

Source: Joe Hoft

According to the most recent data at Worldometer tracking website, the coronavirus mortality rates for individuals catching the virus are declining at a rate closer to the numbers we expect to see in a typical flu virus as the denominator continues to increase on a global scale.

According to the most recent data the mortality rate for those infected with the coronavirus is getting closer to what you would expect from a normal flu virus and in many cases is less.

The elderly are hit the hardest by the coronavirus and this is similar to the flu where 90% of the deaths come from individuals age 65 and over.

According to the US Surgeon General Jerome Adams the average age of death of the coronavirus is 80-year-olds:

The death rate for the coronavirus appears similar to the flu as the death rates are highest among the elderly:

The death rate soars to 14.8% in those 80 and older; among those ages 70 to 79, the COVID-19 death rate in China seems to be about 8%; it’s 3.6% for those ages 60 to 69; 1.3% for 50 to 59; 0.4% for the age group 40 to 49; and just 0.2% for people ages 10 to 39. No deaths in children under 9 have been reported.

There are no recorded coronavirus deaths of infants up to 10 years of age according to the worldometer website as well, where the data below comes from.


* 115 countries (and the Diamond Princess) have confirmed coronavirus cases


* 80% of countries with confirmed cases report no deaths


* Seven countries report more than 100 cases and no deaths (Sweden, Belgium, Norway, Singapore, Austria, Malaysia and Bahrain)

* 83% of affected countries have mortality rates of those infected less than 1%

* 88% of countries identified with citizens carrying the coronavirus have mortality rates less than 2%

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