COVID-19 has killed more people in Italy than any other country

Coronavirus is devastating Italy, but one town says its testing regime is containing the outbreak

Source: ABC News Australia 

COVID-19 has killed more people in Italy than any other country.

The death toll is now higher than China’s, and the number of infections continues to grow.

Hospitals are now so overloaded that Italian doctors have been forced to choose who they treat.

The military had to move coffins from the cemetery in Bergamo to neighbouring provinces because there was no room left to bury them.

Mike Adams joins The Alex Jones Show to bring the latest news surrounding the coronavirus developments and food supply shortage.

Italy’s Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte imposed a nationwide lockdown to prevent what he called “the collapse of the system”.

But one small town in the country’s north says it is doing surprisingly well.

Vo, in the region of Veneto, is right in the middle of what Italy is calling its coronavirus red zone.

But local officials say there hasn’t been a new case of COVID-19 there since March 13.

The town had the first confirmed COVID-19-related death in Italy — a 78-year-old man on February 23.

It was one of 11 villages in the country’s north which were shut down as the country’s outbreak began.

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