Posted BY: Thomas Klocek

“We hear you,” says Anheuser Busch. But do they? The evidence says otherwise. Obviously the Democrats don’t hear the people. They don’t recognize that, in general, the people are smarter than Chuck Schumer looks. They are complaining that Biden is not getting enough credit for bringing down inflation, inflation that he created. Oh, and while inflation may be officially at 4%, that’s only because the government doesn’t include all of the things people need in their inflation calculation. And it’s still significantly higher than when Biden took office. Nor do they include the devaluation of money which is also inflation that people must deal with.

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And real wages have declined as well. As Larry Kudlow observed from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “the bottom 25 percent of income earners have seen their real incomes fall by 2.3 percent, while the second income quartile has fallen 3.9 percent.”

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