Posted BY: Joe Hoft

The Jan 6 Committee tweeted out a statement tonight threatening President Trump for not complying with their subpoena.  

This unconstitutional gang of criminals in the House wants to punish President Trump for uncovering their corruption and criminal actions going back years.  They hate him for shining a light on their crimes.

America needs to stand up and call out these criminals on the Jan 6 Committee.  They were accomplices to the deaths of four innocent Americans on Jan 6 and the stolen 2020 Election.  This is why they never covered these crimes during their hearings.

Now they want to indict the President of the United States on more made-up crimes.  They are sick.

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The Jan 6 gang released this statement.

President Trump truthed the following earlier today:

Is the Jan 6 committee threatening to do something before President Trump’s speech tomorrow night?

President Trump filed a lawsuit with the court to block the Jan 6 subpoena on Friday.  The corrupt Jan 6 gang doesn’t mention or recognize this.  They are going for blood.

America has been taken over by communists who will do anything to stop any opposition to their power.  We are in perilous times.