Ben Sellers

‘We knew they would play around on the margins to give Democrats an edge, but this is a full-frontal assault on election integrity laws…’ByBen SellersSeptember 23, 2020

Roy Cooper
Roy Cooper / IMAGE: MSNBC via YouTube

Democrats in North Carolina—where a recent, high-profile case debunked false media claims that ballot fraud does not exist—have now confirmed the party’s bad-faith intentions for stealing swing states in the November election by using mail-in voting.

A settlement agreement from the North Carolina Board of Elections threatened to bypass the state legislature to loosen absentee-voting laws in November—less than two years since an extensive investigation by the board revealed evidence of systemic vote fraud that exploited the absentee-ballot system.

“If approved, this action shatters confidence in the Board of Elections’ intent to fairly conduct this election,” said Republican state Sen. Phil Berger, the president pro tempore of the General Assembly, in a statement.

“We knew they would play around on the margins to give Democrats an edge, but this is a full-frontal assault on election integrity laws passed after widespread absentee ballot fraud undid the results of the 2018 Congressional election.”

In 2018, the Democrat-led NCSBE sought to reverse the results of a congressional election in the state’s 7th district, citing the open secret of longstanding ballot-harvesting operations in several counties.

Using the “taint” of ballot-harvesting to upend the narrow victory of Republican candidate Mark Harris, the investigation ultimately took so great a toll on Harris’s health and family life that he withdrew, forcing a special election.

Republican Dan Bishop—a leading state senator at the time—replaced Harris on the ticket and handily won against the same Democrat opponent.

Leading the “prosecution” that represented Democrat candidate Dan McCready in the NCSBE’s hearings over the ballot-harvesting was Marc Elias—a top lawyer for Washington, DC-based law firm Perkins Coie, which also represents the Democratic National Committee and many of its prominent leaders, including the Joe Biden campaign.

In 2018, Elias was named by President Donald Trump as Democrats’ “top Election stealing lawyer” for his reputation of reversing GOP victories by finding bags of mysteriously discarded ballots favoring Democrats.

He also was one of the first to call for mail-in voting following Trump’s March declaration of a national emergency in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ironically, Elias sought to accuse Harris’s campaign of doing exactly what he was known for, while asserting that the ballot-harvesting in the NC07 race had tainted the election and undermined the outcome.

Yet, he has since returned to Raleigh—this time waging lawsuits to force the state to loosen its ballot-harvesting laws, extend the deadline for absentee ballots and effectively eliminate the requirements for a witness signature.

One such phony lawsuit—waged by the Teamster affiliated North Carolina Alliance for Retired Americans—went before a far-left, activist judge notorious for making biased, partisan statements against the GOP state legislature.

The lawsuit ultimately led the NCSBE to settle on an agreement to reverse its ballot-fraud safeguards without even consulting the legislature.

“We’re not exactly in a judicial world now that leans toward the Right,” said David Black, one of NCSBE’s two Republican-appointed board members, while rationalizing the unanimous settlement, according to WRAL.

The lawsuit is one of several that radical activist groups have barraged the court system with in North Carolina—and in other battleground states throughout the country where they hope to use mail-in ballots to reverse a potential election-night landslide for Trump.

Groups like the George Soros-linked Transition Integrity Project have publicly outlined the Left’s plans to have tossup states headed by Democrat governors like North Carolina’s Roy Cooper refuse to certify a Trump victory and appoint rival, pro-Biden electors instead.

Cooper—who is currently running for re-election—notably fended off accusations that he, himself, had used suspicious ballot-harvesting to narrowly defeat incumbent Republican Gov. Pat McCrory in 2016.

Representing him in his defense was Elias, who was able to find uncounted ballots at the last minute to pad Cooper’s lead before the NCSBE ultimately dismissed the complaint.

After muddying the upcoming election’s outcome by sending rival sets of electors, Democrats have indicated they will hold hostage the electoral process until Republicans either agree to a raft of democracy-killing “reforms”—such as abolishing the Electoral College, and admitting the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico as states—or until the Jan. 20 presidential term lapses, thus installing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as the country’s de facto leader.

In the meantime, left-wing operatives will continue to promote anarchist riots to wear down their opponents’ resolve and distract from their election shenanigans.

And they will brazenly use the propagandist mainstream media to accuse Republicans of trying to steal the election for any efforts to challenge their corruption.

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein, a Democrat, offered a sneak preview of the gas-lighting narrative by coyly deflecting on the recent NCSBE settlement.

He said state GOP leaders “should be ashamed of themselves for trying to undermine people’s faith in the electoral process,” according to WRAL.

“The bipartisan State Board of Elections unanimously determined that these measures are important to protect the security and integrity of our election and to ensure that every eligible voter’s vote counts,” Stein claimed. “Every eligible voter should be able to vote easily, safely, and securely confident that the candidate who wins the most votes will win the election.”

However, Berger challenged anybody willing to believe such claims to consider the opposite scenario—as was the case in Mark Harris’s 2018 victory.

“Can you imagine the reaction if President Trump and Attorney General Barr went into a backroom and rewrote election laws weeks before the election?” Berger asked in his statement.

“I cannot overstate how unethical this collusive behavior is,” he continued. “The Board of Elections, which is controlled by Gov. Cooper and acting through its lawyer, Democratic Attorney General Josh Stein, went around the legislature and agreed with Democratic plaintiffs to undo basic election laws passed to prevent a repeat of actual absentee ballot fraud.”