Source: Daily Mail

From rocks found in Native American burial sites to the sacred stone that ‘fell from Jupiter’ and was enshrined at the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus — one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World — there is evidence to show early civilisations venerated and perhaps even worshipped meteorites.

Given that they had literally dropped from the heavens, it was inevitable that some would regard them as gifts from the gods.

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And it increasingly appears that the Ancients may have been on to something in attaching primal significance to these lumps of stone or metal from interplanetary space that survive hurtling through Earth’s super- hot atmosphere before crashing on to our planet.

New research by Japanese scientists suggests that such cosmic impacts may have delivered to Earth the chemical ingredients necessary for the beginning of life itself.

Not so much a Big Bang as a Heavy Thud, then, as billions of years ago a huge space rock — that just happened to contain the building blocks of DNA — landed on a lifeless Earth.

DNA, of course, carries the genetic instructions for all living organisms.