A masked nurse holds a syringe with a vaccine against the virus COVID-19. Close up.

Source:  Joe Martino

Many months ago people began asking me whether I thought the COVID-19 vaccine would be mandatory. From a factual perspective, I told them that at the moment most governments and their leaders have stated they would highly encourage the vaccine but that it wouldn’t be mandatory. People sighed a sense of relief. But then I would say there’s more to the story.

Sure, they may not make it mandatory, but if you want to go out anywhere without a mask, you need it. Or sure, it’s not mandatory, but if you want to travel the world, go to certain local events, attend school or do other things you love in public spaces, you need it. In essence, they won’t make it mandatory, but they may limit your life’s experience based on the fact you are choosing to not get vaccinated. And their weapon of choice justifying their position would be shame and guilt towards you. Claiming you are being selfish and wish to put others at risk for your own life enjoyment.

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Could this really happen? Well, it’s already being talked about.

Many experts already think some states will require certain industries to enforce vaccine mandates for their employees. “Get a vaccine or find a new job.” Again, not mandated, but if you want to work for a certain company it’s mandatory. Anything from essential workers to grocery store employees have been named as people who work in places that have high contact with the public and therefore should be vaccinated. All this even though the COVID-19 virus doesn’t spread all that easily through surfaces and asymptomatic people have rarely been shown to spread the virus.

At this moment in time, for someone to take a light on United Emirates airlines to Dubai, they have to present a negative COVID-19 test certificate. Many people, including Bill Gates, are already talking about a vaccine certificate that people would have to prove they are vaccinated against COVID-19. Why would we need certificates unless there was no intention to use them as proof during many common societal actions?

Pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca as already been exempt from any liability if their vaccine harms people. I recall reading a couple of articles a month or so back that I could not find at the time of writing this piece, but they spoke about many companies around the world who already looking into becoming exempt from liability if they choose to mandate vaccines for their employees.

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