Social media is rotting the brains of our youth

Source: Kelen McBreen

A group of left-wing TikTokers recently released a song parody that might make viewers wince.

Riffing off Bob Marley’s legendary hit “Jammin’,” the four performers danced while wearing t-shirts reading, “We’re jabbin’ – Hope you are jabbin’ too.”

The uninformed youths probably left Bob Marley turning in his grave.

As a staunch Rastafarian, Marley even refused to allow doctors to amputate his cancerous foot at one point in time.

The religious group is against removing any part of the body as the Bible states the body is the “temple.”

He eventually had the foot cancer removed via skin graft but died in 1981 after the cancer spread through his body.

Now, forty years after the reggae pioneer’s passing, Rastafarians are battling against government Covid “vaccine intimidation.”

Rastas in Barbados are “totally” against Covid vaccines due to religious reasons.

“Many Rastafari do not take vaccines period, as it goes against the naturalistic lifestyle. There have been court and legal battles fought to waive vaccination requirements for the children of Rastafari parents,” explained a doctor who is an advisor to the Ethiopian Crown Council.

According to the Caribbean Investigative Journalism Network, “The Rastafarian movement wrote to Prime Minister Mia Mottley requesting that its members be issued certificates of exemption from vaccination requirements.”

Another man living in Barbados warned of the government’s “vaccination intimidation” pushing those who don’t want the vaccine to give up and take it.

An activist named Winston Clarke recently organized a petition that will soon be presented to the Employment Rights Tribunal for an emergency hearing.

The petition asks that unvaccinated Barbadians don’t face consequences for their personal decisions.

While there are not mandates as of now, Clarke warns, “I have been telling people from ever since I can see the writing on the wall that it is going to happen and the only way we can do anything about it, is if we come out in force and show them. There are more of us unvaccinated people than there are vaccinated you know. And there are some people who are vaccinated who only did it because they were forced to or coerced to.”

In June, a Rastafarian priest living in Jamaica told Reuters, “There is some danger in (the vaccines) and that is why I am not taking it and not encouraging it.”

A popular Jamaican reggae musician who goes as Jah Bouks said, “It is a false alarm. They are fabricating a lot of things, government and scientists. It is a money-making thing you know.”

The left’s desperate vaccine push is becoming more embarrassing every day.