Posted BY: John Green

If Donald Trump wants an encore performance in the Oval Office, he has a vulnerability that he needs to address.  It isn’t classified documents, election interference, hush money to a washed-up porn star, or urinating Russian hookers.  It’s his response to the COVID pandemic.

Republican voters seem to be forming into four major groups.  There is the “NeverTrump” contingent of establishment Republicans.  Their hatred of Trump supersedes their conservative principles (looking at you, Bill Kristol).  They would vote for Josef Stalin before they’d vote for Donald Trump.

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Next are the MAGA loyal — the “only Trump” contingent.  They think The Donald is the universal solution to every American problem.  They would vote for Trump even if he ran on a platform of sacrificing virgins to the sun god to reverse global warming — sorry, climate change.

There are the undecided conservatives who have no particular hatred or affection for Trump but fear for our country and want whoever will defend it best.  They’re waiting to see how the primaries play out.

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