Source: Mark Landsbaum

Those who run the medical establishment and government insist everyone must be vaccinated. As always with such Draconian tyranny, they tell those who object that, “It’s for your own good” and regurgitate tyrants’ favorite meme, “It’s for the greater good.”

I refuse to obey such commands. I am determined to avoid a stroke, a leading cause of death. Someone in America has a stroke every 40 seconds. Every four minutes, someone dies of stroke, 795,000 a year. But a stroke can be worse than death, as my mother’s experience demonstrated.

At the age of 65, mom had a massive stroke, which had been expected her entire life because of a congenital malformation of blood vessels in her head. After days of lying unconscious in a hospital bed, the family decided to pull the plug and let death have its way. As my sister and father entered mom’s hospital room with the doctor, mom opened her eyes. Everyone decided not to pull the plug on the mechanisms keeping mom alive. That would have been murder.

Mom eventually was weaned off the IVs and breathing assistance, but she never again moved, other than the ability to use one arm and nod or shake her head.

We transferred Mom to a nursing home where she talked a lot, but no one could understand a word she spoke other than two phrases that for some reason she was still able to utter clearly: “I love you” and “Bad boy.” The latter she seemed to reserve for caregivers who fed, cleaned and attended to her every need. Because she couldn’t.

Her condition didn’t change at all. For 17 years.

That was the lesson yours truly learned about strokes. When the Lord finally, mercifully took mom from us, it still was a devastating loss for the family. For her, it was finally a release from 17 long tortuous years of staring at the ceiling, unable to communicate with her loved ones and feeling constantly tormented by caregivers, who were charged with the impossible task of providing her every need.

Strokes are one of the potential vaccine side effects on the circulatory system.

You might understand why I am loathe to permit anything to be put in my body that increases the chances of having a stroke. Like mom had.

That, tragically, is not all. One of my granddaughters was born 16 years ago and appeared to be as perfect as grandparents could hope. Then 11 days later it was discovered that her heart was horribly malformed. She underwent open-heart surgery when her heart was about the size of a grape.

Her recovery has been amazing. Today she is an accomplished roller skater, who literally skates circles around her friends, and who has seemingly boundless energy and stamina enough to be an honor student.

But she also must be constantly monitored because her heart condition is not resolved entirely. Surgery to replace valves is likely in her future. Her mother, my daughter, vows that there will be no COVID vaccines administered to her. Why?

Among the proven adverse short-term effects of the vaccines are blood clots and inflammation of the heart. There is zero chance anyone in our family will ever consent to my granddaughter being subjected to these vaccines. If in the future she goes to work for the federal government or a company with more than 100 employees, she will be forced to get the vaccine, or lose her job.

The government and medical establishment insist the vaccines are safe and effective. They are neither. And they are not even vaccines in the traditional medical sense. They are not created from diluted or dead samples of a virus. They instead are manufactured genetic experiments. This is probably why the CDC recently redefined “vaccine” by removing from its definition the word “immunity.”

The COVID vaccines don’t provide immunity. The FDA recently admitted the vaccines don’t prevent anyone from getting the virus, or prevent anyone from passing it on. Long ago in this nightmare it became obvious the vaccines don’t prevent anyone dying from the virus. People we knew were among them.

The entire COVID vaccine rollout has been marred by highly suspicious events. The FDA allowed COVID vaccines with only an Emergency Use Authorization while continuing to be tested for three years. But less than a year into that trial, further testing apparently was deemed unnecessary.

As with all experimental drugs, a control group had been created and given a placebo to compare with those given the drug. Less than a year later, the control group was abolished because all its members were given the vaccine, making test comparisons impossible. Despite these questionable decisions, the drug companies have immunity from lawsuits if the vaccines end up harming anyone.

This means the vaccines provide people zero immunity from the COVID virus, but complete immunity for the drug manufacturers from being sued.

Given the number of times the powers-that-be have been wrong about COVID and the vaccines, I’m unwilling to believe anything they say. There are obvious explanations for their fallibility: These people are inept. Or they lie. Or both. This does not inspire trust.