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Republican executive committees in nine Florida counties affiliated with the Republican Party of Florida have taken a strong stance by adopting an 83-page resolution urging Governor Ron DeSantis and state lawmakers to ban the sale and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines within the state. The resolution also calls for the immediate seizure of remaining vaccine supplies and a thorough forensic analysis, with State Attorney General Ashley Moody tasked to oversee this process.

This movement, referred to as “Ban the Jab,” is gathering momentum to pressure the Governor, county sheriffs, and the Florida Legislature to enforce the vaccine ban. The resolution, authored by psychotherapist Joseph Sansone, first gained approval from the local Republican executive committee in Lee County and subsequently received support from Collier, Lake, Santa Rosa, Seminole, St. Johns Hillsborough, Brevard, and Franklin Counties. The resolution emphasizes the need to preserve the human race and presents over 140 exhibits as evidence to substantiate claims made by biomedical professionals and vaccine skeptics.

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Key allegations against the vaccines include a statement from Francis A. Boyle, a human rights lawyer and international law professor, dubbed the vaccines “COVID frankenshots.” The resolution also cites the Global COVID Summit, which criticized current COVID-19 policies and their origins. Additionally, the resolution references the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), highlighting a significant increase in adverse event reports following the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Governor DeSantis, in his bid for the Republican presidential nomination, has already taken steps to counter vaccine mandates, such as impaneling a grand jury to investigate potential crimes related to the vaccine rollout. He has signed multiple medical freedom bills, including prohibiting vaccination status discrimination, banning vaccine passports, and safeguarding freedom of speech for medical professionals.

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo has aligned with DeSantis, advocating for transparent and ethical communication of medical interventions’ risks to patients. The Governor and his administration aim to illuminate the factors hindering truthful discourse about COVID-19 vaccines. The resolution’s adoption illustrates a deepening divide over vaccine policies, emphasizing the significant challenges in achieving a consensus on public health measures in a polarized environment.