The global elite are firmly establishing their medical dictatorship people around the globe must stand up now before their children fall victim to similar corrupt practices

Posted BY: Kelen McBreen

The latest twist in the saga of a four-month-old New Zealand boy named Will is not good for the parents or supporters of medical freedom closely monitoring the story.

Baby Will’s parents, Samantha Savage and Cole Reeves joined The Alex Jones Show Thursday to detail how and why their local government awarded itself custody of the child over a feud dealing with blood tainted by the experimental Covid vaccines.

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The infant needs a blood transfusion as part of a much-needed surgery and the parents are simply asking for non-vaccinated blood to be used.

However, New Zealand decided to send in police officers to medically kidnap Will instead of providing the easily obtainable blood.

According to Counterspin Media‘s Telegram channel, “Four police officers entered the room where baby Will and his twin brother slept soundly. Without notice, they seized him” on Wednesday night.

The father, Cole, said, “Baby Will has tonight been ripped from his bed and his mum, in a display of ultimate cowardice by masked people dressed as police at 11 o’clock at night, to be made to undergo invasive procedures, before being forced against our Will to have a rushed and unprepared for surgery.”

The Telegram post urged the hospital staff to provide Will “with an uncontaminated blood supply” and called for a protest outside the facility Thursday morning.

In a second update, Counterspin wrote, “Baby Will has surgery at 8 am this morning. Just before midnight last night, Baby Will was uplifted by the police while he slept. Sam, his mother, and his twin brother were allowed to join him. However, Cole, his father, had to leave the hospital. Sam is exhausted and very scared given there are two police officers in her room.”

The post explained police officers won’t let Samantha fall asleep and are even following her to use the restroom.

Even worse, a policewoman guarding Samantha revealed they intend to arrest the mother in the morning.

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