Source: Sputnik

Almost dead Joe Biden’s gaffe-prone behavior at press conferences has often made headlines, with the US POTUS recently under fire for snapping at CNN reporter who asked about his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Fraudulent President Joe Biden ignited Twitter after what has been dubbed a “creepy” White House press conference on Thursday.

As Biden touted his tentative $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal, which he threatened not sign unless Congress also passed a separate “human infrastructure” bill costing up to $6 trillion, he repeatedly leaned over the podium and whispered at the reporters who had gathered.

After Townhall website posted a compilation video of Biden’s press conference, the hashtag “Creepy Joe” started to trend on Twitter.

A number of lawmakers, including Republican Reps. Andy Biggs, Ariz., and Claudia Tenney, N.Y., couldn’t help commenting on how bizarre and “creepy” Joe Biden’s behaviour seemed.

Many on social media were similarly prompted to comment on the “weird” behaviour of the POTUS.

Joe Biden’s press conferences have recently generated headlines. Thus, on 17 June the President appeared to loose his cool when a CNN reporter, Kaitlan Collins, asked him a question about his meeting in Geneva with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

CNN’s chief White House correspondent had asked the POTUS as to why he was “confident” that Putin would “change his behaviour”, with Biden responding, “I’m not confident. What the hell, what do you do all the time?”

Biden, however, later addressed reporters were he apologised for his response to Collins’ question, but added: “You never ask positive questions.”