They claim black people who commit crimes are being ‘enslaved’ by being sent to jail and society is being ruined by ‘white supremacy and capitalism’

Source: Daily Mail

A group of Black Lives Matter activists told Indiana middle school students during a spring 2020 lecture that they live in a world where ‘crime is made up’ and black people are more likely to be ‘enslaved’ for their actions.

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Video of the talk – which featured Indy10 BLM activists Jessica Louise, Kyra Jay Harvey, Michelle Anastasia, and Leah Derray – was recently leaked by Tony Kinnett, district science coordinator and instructional coach for Indianapolis Public Schools.

The footage shows how teachers permitted the guest speakers to tell students they were living in a ‘misogynistic, masculine society’ that uses white supremacy and capitalism to harm black people, according to the Daily Caller, which obtained and first reported on the video.

The activists, focusing heavily on racial inequality, alleged that the American justice system treats black, brown, and poor people less favorably than white people.

‘Crime is made up. People created these rules and people break them. It’s just that if you are black, brown, or poor, you are more likely to be jailed for these things, to be enslaved, imprisoned, for these things that a lot of people do,’ Derray says. 

‘The thing is, not that like everyone doesn’t commit a crime, everyone does commit the crime.’

The teacher who hosted the BLM speakers described their presence as powerful and applauded them for ‘being open about who you are and the challenges that you faced and kept going.’ 

Meanwhile, Kinnett – who went viral for a video he posted to Twitter in November blasting school districts and politicians who claimed critical race theory was not taught in schools – has been suspended with pay while the district investigates him for ‘potential misconduct’.

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