Vice president channels crimelord Jeb Bush.

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Kamala Harris suffered an embarrassing faux pas rivaled only by cringe-master Jeb Bush.

Meeting with students from historically black colleges and universities at the White House Thursday, Harris entered the room with little fanfare as the students were told they could clap if they wanted.

“You can clap. It’s okay,” a speaker at the event urged the students.

The students, however, evidently did not share Harris’ enthusiasm, and instead, an awkward silence ensued.

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Kamala’s humiliating blunder was reminiscent of failed Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush’s awkward “Please clap” gaffe, which pretty much signaled the death of his campaign.

The vice president’s cringe-inducing gaffe also reminded many of equally air-headed comments she made last year opining on her admiration of Venn diagrams.

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