Disgraced FBI official Andrew McCabe sat down with CBS’s “60 Minutes” which aired Sunday night.

McCabe told CBS that he ordered two investigations into President Trump because he wanted to know if Trump fired FBI Director Comey to impede the Russia investigation and was Trump acting on behalf of the Russian government.

There was ZERO evidence that President Trump was working on behalf of the Russian government and there was zero evidence Donald Trump conspired with the Russians to win the 2016 presidential election when McCabe opened these two investigations.

James Comey testified to Congress in December that by the time he was fired there was no evidence of any type of conspiracy between Trump and Russia.

McCabe also accused Rod Rosenstein of volunteering at least twice to wear a wire while meeting with President Trump in an attempt to see him impeached.

On Monday night Sean Hannity announced dirty cop Rod Rosenstein will step down as Deputy Attorney General by mid-March.

Jeff Rosen was picked as his replacement.

Rosen is the current deputy at Transportation.