Source: Jeff Poor

Tuesday on FNC’s “Hannity,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) pushed back against President Joe Biden’s criticism of state legislatures taking action to shore up their election system. Those have been criticized as racist.

However, as Cruz pointed out, Biden has used race in the past to promote his agenda.

“Joe Biden, unfortunately, has a long history of engaging in race-baiting and inciting racial conflict and divisions,” he said. “In a prior election cycle, he went before the NAACP and said they’re going to put you back in chains, which is incendiary. It’s a grotesque lie when he accuses anything he dislikes of being the new Jim Crow. Somehow, Joe Biden never seems to acknowledge that Jim Crow laws were written by Democrats. The Dixiecrats were Democrats. Bull Connor was a Democrat. The founders of the Ku Klux Klan were Democrats. And you don’t have to go back 100 years to find that. Joe Biden a decade ago gave the eulogy for a grand cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan, Robert Byrd, the majority leader of the Democratic Party, Joe Biden a decade ago was willing to celebrate his life, an avowed Klansman.”

“And so, the history of racial bigotry on the Democratic side is horrific, and now, the Democratic Party, whenever they have a political fight, they immediately tried to inflame racial divisions,” Cruz continued. “So, what the voting law in Georgia, the voting law in Georgia was designed to protect the right to vote, protect the integrity of the right to vote, and Joe Biden and Democrats are lying about it. And they know they’re lying about it, but they also know the compliant press. I watch the piece you just did with James O’Keefe on CNN. CNN is not going to cover the truth.”

“They’re going to repeat the lies because that’s what propaganda outlets do,” he added. “But, you know, it was amazing, Joe Biden’s allies were so bad that The Washington Post, no right-wing organization, they are usually a reliable left-wing mouthpiece, The Washington Post fact-checked Joe Biden on the Georgia election law and gave him four Pinocchios, said he was flat out lying and yet it doesn’t stop the Democrats from repeating those lies over and over again.”