‘He is still getting texts from the NHS to go for a second jab and he is lying in a NHS hospital paralyzed. This is how impersonal it is. It’s wrong on all levels.’The UK gov’t ‘Trying to cover it up makes it look even more sinister,’ says man’s wife.

Source: Adan Salazar

The family of a London dad paralyzed after his first dose of AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 “vaccine” says the British healthcare system has “callously” continued to text the man about a second dose despite his condition.

The father of two, Anthony Shingler, 57, from Northwood was reportedly “fit and healthy” prior to receiving his first dose of the vaccine three months ago.

The problems started soon after the shot, says Shingler’s wife, Nicola, who recalled the downward spiral of negative events to Stoke-on-Trent.

“[After the vaccine] he had mild symptoms for a few days, a muddy head and his legs were aching. He just went to bed.

He got up on March 8 and all through that week his legs continued to hurt. He said it felt like he was walking up a mountain, they were really heavy.

“By March 12 he was having real trouble. He woke up and felt a numbness from his hips down.

He persisted in going to work on March 19 but he then started getting pins and needles in his hands and feet.

I took him to Haywood walk-in centre and they said he needed to be assessed by A&E.

He rang me three hours later to pick him up because they were sending him home with a possible allergy. We knew he didn’t suffer from allergies.”

After being discharged, Shingler’s condition worsened.

He was transported to Royal Stoke University Hospital on March 22, where he “fights for his life” on a ventilator after being diagnosed with Guillan-Barré syndrome, a disorder in which a person’s immune system attacks their nerves.

He took a turn for the worse and went a bit grey and was feeling sick so we had to ring 999.

The ambulance came and he was admitted to neurology.

“The critical care said he had to go on a ventilator because it was taking his lungs, he couldn’t breathe. That’s when we were told it was GBS.

The first four to six weeks were horrendous.

“He’s been having hallucinations and infections. They tried to get him off the ventilator with no joy. He will never come home if he can’t get off.

He’s just got a lot of nerve damage.”

Nicola blames the vaccine for her husband’s condition and wants the UK government to help her warn others about the potential side effect.

“I’m adamant it was the vaccine, he was fine until he had it. They’ve found no other trigger,” Nicola said in a comment to Stoke-on-Trent.

“It’s a nightmare to watch him. I can’t stand seeing my husband in so much pain every day. We’ve been totally ignored and forgotten by the government.”

The matter is made all the worse, Nicola says, because the UK health system continues to text her husband reminding him to get his second dose of the vaccine, despite the severe adverse reaction to the first dose.

“He is still getting texts from the NHS to go for a second jab and he is lying in a NHS hospital paralyzed. This is how impersonal it is. It’s wrong on all levels,” Nicola stated.

She also discussed how her family faces dire financial straits in the wake of the hospitalization of her husband, who was the household’s primary breadwinner, and says the family is all aware the vaccine is to blame.

When they were planning this vaccination programme why didn’t they put any severe side effects to look out for when they knew what was coming? They knew there would be a small minority.

The government has shown no support. It’s callous and barbaric.

He has got the slimmest chances of recovery. He will surely end up with disabilities.

“I want action and for the government to acknowledge what’s going on. They are trying to ignore it so people don’t fear going for the vaccine.

But some of these people are still going to have reactions like my husband.

The government can bury their heads in the sand – but they are wrecking the chances of the vaccine in the future. My daughters won’t forget this. His grandchildren won’t forget that their grandad was not supported.

Trying to cover it up makes it look even more sinister.”