Lays out details of how it could be successfully bombed.

Daily Beast Posts Weird Article Fantasizing About Iranian Attack on President's "Beloved" Trump Tower


The Daily Beast posted an article that all but fantasized about Iran launching a terror attack on the President’s “beloved” Trump Tower.

Yesterday, Hesameddin Ashena, a top adviser to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, implied that Trump-owned properties could be targeted in response to the killing of Qassem Soleimani by tweeting a link to a Forbes magazine profile that listed the properties.

Earlier today, the Daily Beast’s Michael Daly penned an article entitled ‘Attacking Trump Tower? Would Iran Be That Reckless?’ with the subheadline ‘His Pride and Joy’.

The article quotes a “senior American intelligence official figure” who says Trump Tower would be Iran’s ‘dream target’, before asking, “Why hit the White House when you can hit the center of the Earth?”

“They can surely imagine how The Donald would react to the destruction of his beloved Trump Tower,” writes Daly.

He then argues that police at the entrance could probably repel a gunman attack, but that, “the concrete barricades that line the curb would do little to protect it against a vehicle-borne bomb detonated outside the Fifth Avenue entrance.”

Daly then speculates as to how a successful attack could unfold;

“Around noon on Monday, a truck of the same type that Timothy McVeigh used to bomb the federal building in Oklahoma City with such devastating effect in 1995 stopped for a red light on West 57th Street, a half-block up Fifth Avenue from the tower. An Iranian sleeper agent with a load of explosives would have needed only to make a right to do his worst before anybody could have moved to stop him.”

Respondents to the article on Twitter were nonplussed.

“Suggesting targets to a foreign enemy. Disgusting,” commented one.