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A grand jury has indicted former Marine Daniel Penny for the chokehold killing of homeless man Jordan Neely during a subway confrontation last month, sources have told The Post — even as Penny’s attorneys vowed to “aggressively defend” their client in court.

The Wednesday decision — made by a group of jurors sitting in Manhattan — arrives weeks after Neely’s caught-on-camera death sparked a national firestorm over Penny’s actions and intense scrutiny of the floundering mental health system that failed to help his victim.  

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Penny, 24, now faces one charge of second-degree manslaughter and another charge of criminally negligent homicide.

The former could put him in state prison for up to 15 years; the second could lead to another four years behind bars. 

Penny’s attorneys said they were fully committed to clearing his name.

“While we respect the decision of the grand jury to move this case forward to trial, it should be noted that the standard of proof in a grand jury is very low and there has been no finding of wrongdoing,” Steven Raiser, of the law firm Raiser & Kenniff, said in a statement.

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