We reported how dirty cop Joe Pientka whose is reportedly still at the FBI, and his wife, who we have uncovered is connected to the Trump Tower meeting set up by Fusion GPS, are living high on the hog with houses on both the East and West Coasts.

Joe was involved with everything corrupt involving the the Russia Collusion Hoax and his wife is an attorney for a company involved with Fusion GPS. The FBI is hiding them to this day.

The FBI has done all it can to hide Joe Pientka, the corrupt cop at the FBI involved most all the criminal activities involving the coup of candidate and President Trump. This corrupt cop was involved in everything and the FBI is hiding him. We have identified multiple reasons why.

Joe Pientka was a very key player in the Crossfire Hurricane and Mueller gangs created based on fraudulent information. We have pages on Pientka in a previous post: “The Many Corrupt and Criminal Actions FBI Agent Joe Pientka Involved in – Including Setting Up General Flynn – Yet Pientka Still Protected by FBI“.

Overall Pientka was:

  • Supervisor of Crossfire Hurricane.
  • The Crossfire Hurricane team members were selected by Peter Strzok, the Intel Section Chief, and Pientka.
  • The agents reported to Pientka.
  • Pientka reported operational activities to Strzok.
  • Pientka and Strzok entrapped General Flynn in the White House and lied about Flynn’s lying to the FBI

Pientka was a member of the Crossfire Hurricane gang that was running the sham Trump Russia collusion investigation. He shows in charts of the Crossfire Hurricane gang in 2016:

But then he mysteriously drops off in January 2017:

We don’t know why Peintka is not showing in the later organization chart but we believe it has to do with the fraudulent and now missing 302’s that were filed about Pientka and Strzok’s meeting with General Flynn.

We do now know that Pientka moved from the East to West Coasts in the summer of 2019. He is still at the FBI!

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