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Democrats insist that Republicans are racists. AOC called the GOP the “KKK caucus.” Many insisted, without a shred of evidence, that Trump was a racist; it was one of their most favorite and least true attacks on him.

Yet it’s not Republicans that are introducing measures that keep huge chunks of the black population from working. It’s Democrats that are doing that.

Specifically, for now, at least, it’s New York Governor De Blasio that’s doing that with his new vaccine mandate for New Yorkers, as highlighted in these tweets by NYC Council Minority leader Joe Borelli:

Are the numbers given by Borelli accurate? Somewhat. It’s hard to know exactly what proportion of each demographic is vaccinated, but, based on the data of who has received at least one dose, his numbers could be at least within the ballpark, although the higher percentage of New Yorkers with the vaccine that some sources indicate mean that the numbers could be as low as about 18% of New Yorkers affected. So, Borreli could be right or could be significantly overestimating the proportion affected, depending on what source is consulted.

But, based on right now, based on the USA Facts vaccine tracker, which was the main source used for this article, a little under 60% of black New Yorkers remain unvaccinated.

That means that, once De Blasio’s vaccine mandate for all workers kicks into effect, those New Yorkers won’t be able to go back to work, at least in person. There is no good data available on what percentage might be working online, and thus able to ignore the mandate.

That’s right, the “anti-racist” governor is showing his anti-racism by preventing nearly half of the black citizens of Gotham from working in person, which will likely prove devastating, as Borelli notes, to areas already stricken by high unemployment.

And, as Borelli notes, it’s not just blacks that will be affected by the mandate, they’re just the ones affected at the highest rate.

Based on what data is available, it looks like about 40% of whites, 40% of Hispanics, and some indeterminate number of the other races will be forced out of in-person work by De Blasio’s mandate, which bars the unvaccinated from working in person.

However, it should be said that those numbers take the total city population into account, not just working-age people. As reported on ZeroHedge, once the numbers are drilled down to working-age people, the numbers might shrink substantially but would remain significant.

So, the numbers must be applied to working-age people, bringing the total percentage of New Yorkers affected down, as it excludes children and the retired. Additionally, if younger workers were vaccinated at a higher rate than kids or retirees, the percentage of New Yorkers affected could be brought lower.

However, it’s unlikely that the numbers would fall by much. The NY state vaccine data gives far lower numbers than most other sources, indicating that only about 25% of blacks over age 15 are vaccinated. If accurate, that would mean that perhaps 75% of blacks would be affected by the mandate, but that would probably be an overestimation, as most sources say about 82% of the city is vaccinated.

Based on scanning the different sources, it’s unclear what the exact percentage of NYC would be kept out of work from De Blasio’s mandate. for blacks, the population with the lowest vaccine rate that will thus be most affected, the number could likely be up to 45%. For other groups, it will be lower, but still hugely problematic.