Source: Kyle Becker

New York City’s socialist mayor Bill de Blasio is warning Americans that the “voluntary phase is over” when it comes to COVID regulations.

De Blasio appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and revealed his intention to use more government coercion to force compliance from Americans.

“We’ve got to shake people at this point and say ‘c’mon now,’” he said. “We tried voluntary. We could not have been more kind and compassionate as a country…free testing, incentives, friendly warm embrace — the voluntary phase is over.”

De Blasio recently made headlines by going against the grain of the Democratic Party and pronouncing that he didn’t believe mask mandates would again be necessary.

“Let’s address the problem by getting more people vaccinated, and going right at it and knocking down this variant,” he said. “You know, a mask doesn’t arrest the progress of the variant. Vaccination does.” Advertisements

On Monday, de Blasio said he’s requiring the entire municipal workforce to get vaccinated or start weekly testing by September 13. The mayor’s mandate will cover a total of 340,000 employees in the school system, police, and fire departments.

“It means people who work in offices and people who work on the front line. Everyone,” he said.

There have been over 163,000,000 Americans adults that have gotten fully vaccinated. At least 69% have gotten at least one vaccination shot.

It is not recommended that children under 12 get the COVID shot, and that cohort is not ‘at-risk.’  Only 70% of immunity is needed to stop a pandemic in its tracks, and between vaccinations and COVID immunity, there is more than enough to keep transmissions relatively low. Hospitalizations for COVID are down, and COVID-related deaths nationwide are below 300 per day.

This is a success story and shows the American people have voluntarily complied. But for mayors like de Blasio and governors like New York Governor Cuomo, thatt’s not the point. They crave power. And they will continue to exercise it for its own sake until they are voted out of office.