Guest post by Ted Malloch, author of DAVOS, ASPEN & YALE 

Read Macron’s letter (an arrogant rant) to all of Europe that appeared this week here.

European parliamentary elections will take place across Europe on May 23.

These seats are for the nearly meaningless European Parliament in Brussels.

Turnout is typically light and this time there is high sentiment for the raging populist, anti-EU parties and candidates.

In other words, Macron and his pro-EU allies are about to lose.

Macron’s, virulent anti-nationalist message (that mentions even his own country, France but once) is intended to stem the tide.


It appeared in dozens of newspapers in 22 languages.

He wants a “renaissance” as he terms it to a highly federalized, centralized, super-sized Europe.

Hardly a Renaissance, more like a nightmare.

The EU is his pet project.

Macron’s words are quite unbelievable and in fact, desperate.

Listen to his tone:

“A few weeks from now, the European elections will be decisive for the future of our continent. Never since the Second World War has Europe been so essential. Yet never has Europe been in such danger.”

Upset beyond belief about Brexit, which is just weeks away, he sees, his Project– Europe stalling and even collapsing before his very eyes.

In the battle royale between his team, Hyper-Federalist Supranationalists vs. Patriotic Sovereignists, he is losing and he senses what is to come.

His lessons for reform are meaningless and too little, too late.

Europe is about to turn.