Posted BY: Anthony J. DeBlasi

If the product of procreation is without value, how can anyone be sure that the postnatal child is not correspondingly devalued?

If a woman has no qualms about terminating the developing child within her, is she not at risk of withholding the empathy and love needed for the child she allows to be born? How can this basic requirement of life be switched on and off ad-lib?

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How do mind and feeling sepa­rate to deliver a choice between terminating an innocent human life or accepting and preparing for the imminent miracle of birth? Such a disconnect from the human function that bestowed life on us all hovers between pathological and criminal. The very sense of mother/child must be missing from a mind so disordered, so dulled by political rant as to suppress the mothering instinct in an otherwise sensible woman. And the man so disoriented about his part in the procreative process is no less impaired.

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