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Deaths are continuing to reach extraordinarily high numbers and have now soared to 26 percent higher than pre-pandemic levels, new data has revealed.

A new study by U.K. researchers reveals that deaths have been soaring in England and Wales since January 2023.

In the week ending January 13, there were 17,381 deaths in England and Wales alone.

The figure is 2,837 or 19.5% above the five-year average.

However, the five-year average is already higher than normal due to the early 2021 Covid wave.

Compared to the pre-pandemic five-year average of 13,822, deaths are now 3,559 or 25.7% above average.

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There were 922 deaths with Covid registered on the death certificate, of which 654 were registered as due to Covid as the underlying cause.

This leaves 2,183 excess deaths from a different underlying cause.

Since the wave of excess non-Covid deaths began in April the total now stands at 34,691.

Previous data has revealed that excess deaths started to soar around the spring and fall of last year when governments rolled out their “booster” campaigns.

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