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The decline in trust within American institutions has raised concerns about the survival of society. Belief in collective efforts is essential for success, whether in sports, business, relationships, or the nation as a whole. Recent Gallup research reveals alarmingly low confidence levels in major institutions:

  • Small business: 65%
  • The military: 60%
  • The police: 43%
  • The medical system: 34%
  • The church or organized religion: 32%
  • The U.S. Supreme Court: 27%
  • Banks: 26%
  • The public schools: 26%
  • The presidency: 26%
  • Large technology companies: 26%
  • Organized labor: 25%
  • Newspapers: 18%
  • The criminal justice system: 17%
  • Television news: 14%
  • Big business: 14%
  • Congress: 8%
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These numbers reflect a significant decline since 1979, with almost all institutions at or near all-time low confidence levels. Corruption and incompetence are rampant in major sectors, from government and schools to corporations and media. The decay is evident in cities as well. For instance, St. Louis has seen a dramatic population decline, escalating crime rates, and crumbling infrastructure, emblematic of a civilization in decline. In Oakland, violent crimes have surged, leading business owners to liken the city to a wartime battleground.

The erosion of values and work ethic is also evident, with proposals for a shorter workweek and lenient grading policies in schools. If this trend continues, America’s future appears bleak. Society’s foundations are eroding, and without a turnaround, its endurance is questionable. However, the apathy and complacency of many citizens suggest a lack of motivation to address these issues. To ensure a brighter future, it’s imperative for individuals, communities, and the nation as a whole to rekindle belief in their institutions, values, and collective potential. The path to redemption will require concerted efforts to address corruption, restore integrity, and rebuild a sense of responsibility in all aspects of society.