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At a Hispanic Heritage Month event held at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre in Los Angeles, an alarming security incident unfolded involving Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a Democratic presidential candidate. The event took a concerning turn when an armed man, wearing two shoulder holsters and claiming to be a U.S. Marshal, was arrested outside the venue. Kennedy, who had previously requested Secret Service protection, was not present when the incident occurred.

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The Los Angeles Police Department received a call reporting the presence of an individual with a gun and a badge on their lapel. The man claimed to be employed for the event but was not recognized by security staff. An LAPD note revealed that the individual was carrying a handgun and exposed ammunition, adding to the tension of the situation.

Fortunately, swift action by the security team and police led to the man’s detention and arrest. Kennedy expressed his gratitude for their rapid response, emphasizing the importance of security during public appearances.

This incident follows Kennedy’s prior requests for Secret Service protection, which were denied by the White House. He argued that, since the assassination of his father in 1968, presidential candidates have been provided with Secret Service protection, but he had been an exception to this practice. The U.S. Secret Service typically provides protection to presidential candidates 120 days before the general election, leaving Kennedy ineligible until July 2024.

Kennedy reiterated his plea for protection from the Biden Administration, especially after the assassination of an Ecuadorian presidential candidate. His father’s assassination in 1968 prompted the expansion of Secret Service protection to presidential and vice-presidential candidates.

In conclusion, the security incident at the Hispanic Heritage event underscored the concerns surrounding Kennedy’s safety as a presidential candidate. Despite the recent scare, Kennedy continued to appeal for Secret Service protection, highlighting the unique circumstances surrounding his candidacy. The investigation into the incident was ongoing, leaving questions about the individual’s intentions and the level of security Kennedy would receive in the future.