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In a startling new poll result, ex-president Donald Trump has tripled his lead over Gov. Ron DeSantis following Thursday’s indictment news.

Many pundits predicted that the indictment would help Trump in the 2024 GOP primary contest. Some, including former Trump attorney general Bill Barr, claim that the boost to Trump is the motive for the indictment. Sen. Ted Cruz called it an “enormous political gift” for Trump.

Predictions were met or exceeded in polling with the newest from Yahoo/YouGov, the first major survey taken after the indictment just days ago.

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Trump is leading Desantis 57% to 31% – a huge 26-point lead that triples the previous result of this survey a mere two weeks ago. At that time, Trump was ahead of DeSantis by just 8%, at 47% to 39%.

However, as Yahoo points out, on whether Trump should get another term if convicted, the results aren’t as favorable.

The Survey asked, “If Donald Trump is convicted of a crime in this case, do you think he should be allowed to serve as president again in the future?”

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