‘We need to protect the sanctity of life in this country,’ says the congresswoman.

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Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) announced her first bill of the year on Friday, in a proposal to prohibit taxpayer funding of the abortion clinic Planned Parenthood.

“I’ve introduced my first bill of the 118th Congress,” Boebert tweeted on Friday. “It would defund Planned Parenthood. We need to protect the sanctity of life in this country. To all those marching at the March For Life, let’s rally behind this bill and get it done!”

CLICK HERE to read the bill.

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“The nation’s largest abortion provider has no business receiving taxpayer dollars. Planned Parenthood claims these funds go to healthcare for women, but last year, Planned Parenthood performed a record number of abortions while also reducing the number of well-woman exams and breast cancer screenings it performed,” Boebert said.

Last year, taxpayers provided $633 million to the clinic.

While detractors will claim conservatives want to strip women of essential services, Boebert explained, “Instead of funding Planned Parenthood, my bill will redirect this funding to community health centers that focus on healthy women, not killing babies.”