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Here we go…

It’s not even Election Day yet, and Democrats are already stealing votes from law-abiding Americans.

Democrats are expected to be shellacked in most national, state, and even local races in the mid-term elections on November 2. And while Democrat leaders are making up false narratives about violence on Election Day and falsely accusing Republicans of putting too many safeguards in place that will ultimately disenfranchise voters, stories about Democrats committing voter fraud are already beginning to trickle in, creating anxiety again, about the outcome of critical elections, especially in swing states.

On Friday, James Zheng, a Democrat poll worker in Carmel, Indiana, was kicked out of an election office after he was accused of telling voters how to vote and even voting “straight Democrat Party” for one person who asked for assistance.

Hamilton County election administrator Beth Sheller told Fox News Digital that the inspector at the polling place where the Democrat poll worker was ejected learned of two separate incidents that may constitute electioneering and election interference.

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Chalkboard Review reports – According to the election administrator, Beth Sheller, of Hamilton County, IN, Zheng was accused by local voters of telling black voters “…not to vote for the racist candidates outside” indicating a group of pro-parent candidates (beyond the electioneering boundary) running for school board in the Carmel-Clay school district. Two of the voters complained about this act of electioneering to the pro-parent school board volunteers outside, who reported this to the local inspector.

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