Homes designed to repel “aggressive external influences.”

Demand for Russian-made bunker houses marketed to withstand a “zombie apocalypse” have soared six-fold since the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the creators of Cyberhouse, interest in the homes has gone global.

Having had only two customers from America and Spain before January, since the turn of the year there are 10 additional customers, with some from Italy, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus.

“Due to the large number of orders around the world, the bunker house has evolved from a one-time history into an architectural style,” says Alex Vyzhevsky, chief architect of Modern House. “Its main feature is the desire of the owner of this property to be protected from aggressive external influences.”

The bunkers are made using cast concrete, bulletproof glass, and heavy duty steel. For the Italian customers, microbiological protection systems will also be introduced.

The cost of a bunker house, described as a “multi-level silo,” that accomodates 6 to 7 people starts at 56 million rubles (roughly $843,000 dollars).

As we highlighted earlier, an economic analyst who predicted the 2008 financial collapse is concerned that coronavirus could cause another economic collapse and has stockpiled 18 months worth of food.