“The only way ur gonna learn is when ur f* racist cracker kids are on the ground bleeding out.”

Posted BY: Steve Watson

Police and the FBI are investigating death threats posted online that appear to target Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul, as well as Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, with the perpetrator ranting about both being ‘fascists’ and threatening to kill the “cracker children” of “racist” people who voted for them.

The threats posted online, have all the hallmarks of a demented violent leftist but have received virtually no media attention.

The post reads “U want to vote mich McConnell and rand paul then u all deal with what comes with that,”

It continues, “And the only way ur gonna learn is when ur f******* racist cracker kids are on the ground bleeding out. Then you’ll know what the rest of us have to live with on a daily basis because of the fascists you voted in.”

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The perpetrator further states “I want you all to look at your dead kids and know it was because of how you voted,” before referencing the Parkland mass shooter Nikolas Cruz with the statement “I’m gonna be f****** famous. Nik Crus ain’t s***!”

The person also expressed a wish to kill President Trump, noting “I can’t get to them sadly but I can get to your kids,” before promising “I’ll do it at a football game. I’ll do it whenever. You can’t stop me.”

“I’ll take a few pigs with me too,” the threat reads, extending it to the police.

A notice on the school district website from Bowling Green High School Principal Kyle McGraw alerted the community to the threat.

“Superintendent Gary Fields received notice of a potential safety threat that includes staff and students of three area high schools: Bowling Green High School, Warren Central High School, and Allen County-Scottsville High School and Senators Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul,” the warning reads, adding “There is no specific date or time of the threat.”

Fox News reports that the FBI and the police are looking into the threat.

Rand Paul has been routinely subjected to such threats, noting a particular uptick since his feud with Anthony Fauci.

As we previously highlighted, Paul says that he never received any well wishes or sentiments from any Democrats after he was brutally assaulted in 2017, or after receiving death threats, including when white powder was sent to his family home and discovered by his wife Kelley Paul.

“Not one of them I don’t think ever said they were sorry for me being assaulted by someone and having six ribs broken and nearly dying and having my lung removed,” Paul said, adding “We have people on the left who think it’s just hilarious.”